Benefits of Using AICC or SCORM format with your LMS

The battle between the AICC and SCORM is somewhat similar to the battle between Blu-Ray and DVDs where you would confidently purchase a Blu-ray movie and realize it won’t read in your DVD player. However, each specification plays its part in developing e-learning content.

AICC stands for Aviation Industry CBT Committee, which uses the HTTP AICC Communication Protocol that facilitates efficient communication between the learning management system and the course content. In simpler terms, the method mentioned above uses an HTML to send relevant information to the learning management system and the latter resends the feedback information back to the course as a simple text.

SCORM for Sharable Content Object Reference Model is used to communicate between course content and the learning management system. Similar to AICC only that it uses JavaScript Application Programming Interface. It should be noted that SCORM only governs online training.

So why use SCORM? It is a powerful tool that has been tried and tested in the online training process. It has the ability to create content and be used in different systems without further medication. This functionality has proven its power to work within organizations. The tools enable vendors to sell and deliver to the user more quickly, on larger scales and at a relatively lower price. Moreover, SCORM has a standard set of functionalities set to send and retrieve information.

Although the AICC was launched long after SCORM’s existence, the difference isn’t that significant. AICC allows you to have course content on a different domain connected to your learning management system. Depending on how fast you want to build your eLearning content, either tool will work for you just right. Both tools come with a single button publishing to each specification tabled.

We all require and crave for privacy. A secure connection is guaranteed with the use of AICC. It is made possible since the AICC sends information over a secure HTTP. The methods will suit a client depending on the specific requirements outlined.

SCORM in the other hand is quite impressive especially when in the need to create a large library of learning objects. It ensures order is kept upright in whatever mass storage needed. It also aids in designing earning content that efficiently tracks a learner’s performance. This advantage has made SCORM an A-list tool in most corporate and education institutions which makes works easier for instructors. Moreover, it has the ability to design content that might be reused in other separate contexts.

At the bottom line, both tools have proved efficient when using a Learning management system to deliver and manage training content with no related biasness. Developers are working on tools that can easily work with other systems. For that reason, SCORM has a number of versions that are equally tested although, with the evolving technology, more and more versions get released in order to overcome weaknesses witnessed in other previous versions. Adapting either tool is a complete guarantee to making our life a lot easier.